Goddess of the Moon, Ultimate Woman, Soul of the World

Artemis is the mother of all life. The great goddess of the moon brings beauty and completion to our emotions, dreams and relationships.

New beginnings, creativity, fertility, intuition, grace, strength, healing, compassion, purity, independence, determination, prophecy, art, magic, eternal youth
Shining One, Light of the world

Tanit is the shining goddess of love and beauty. She channels passion into
productivity, desire into love, femininity into fertility. She illuminates all dark paths and guides us to follow our dreams. She is known as Ishtar, Astarte and Venus.

Love, beauty, femininity, power, fertility, attraction, desirability, courage, passion, productivity
Shen Ring
Dawn Goddess

Shen Ring is a symbol creation, perfection and protection from the surrounding
chaos. It is a symbol of strength to transfer the power of cosmos and spirit into our lives. It expresses the glorious sunrise on the first morning over the freshly emerged land offering us dawn’s hopeful, renewing energy.
Radiance, renewal, infinite youth, creativity, power, happiness, protection, abundance, productivity
The Triple Goddess

The triple goddess is the goddess of crossroads and rebirth.
The spirals represent beauty of wholeness through the three cycles of womanhood; youth, motherhood and wisdom of age. They are also related to the 3 phases of the moon. New moon gives birth to new adventures, enchantment and enthusiasm. Full moon represents self-realization of motherhood, growth and abundance. The waxing moon phase symbolizes release and rebirth; intuition and healing wisdom.
Carry the powers of past, present and future; mind, body and spirit.
Innocence, youth, fertility, rebirth, wisdom, wholeness, enlightenment